Updated: May 14, 2019

I love helping painters new and experienced. I had such a difficult time finding good teachers in my area, I had to search far and wide. If you live in Utah are somewhat close by come and learn with me as I teach Watercolor, Oil and Acrylic Painting on alternating months. I teach in Layton, Ut at the Hobby Lobby on Main Street. I will teach the following two paintings beginning in September:

"Dragonfly Fairy"

Check in the classes section for dates, time and price.

"Autumn Glow"

I teach occasionally in other venues. The most notable is Las Vegas Creative Painting which will next be held February 16-21, 2020. I will be teaching two paintings. Pictures to come soon.

And an Acrylic Painting named, "Country Barn"

Go to the website of Creative Painting and view many other painting listed with mine and some wonderful painters represented there as the teachers that have taught me much.

Stay tuned to my blog to get tips to help you with your painting. I would love to be your painting "coach".

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